'The Fog' Overtakes 'Were-Rabbit' For A Box-Office Win

Horror remake opened at #1 with 12.2 million, knocking last week's champ to #2.

The ghost of the '80s haunted theaters this weekend as the remake of the 1980 horror flick "The Fog" took the top spot at the box office.

The film, which stars Tom Welling and Selma Blair, bowed at #1 with $12.2 million, according to early estimates. In "The Fog," a seaside town is engulfed in a thick mist and haunted by ghosts from a ship wrecked in a similar fog 100 years ago. The ghosts are looking to exact revenge on the town they believe misguided their ship, causing its destruction.

Audiences favored a fright fest this week, as last week's #1 movie, "Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit," came in a close second. The family-friendly clay-animation film -- which finds the title characters struggling to vanquish a beast that begins ravaging their town's vegetable gardens -- earned $11.7 million (see [article id="1510816"]"Rewind: What's So Funny About Scary Bunnies?"[/article]).

Cameron Crowe's "Elizabethtown," starring Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom, debuted at #3 with $11 million. The romantic comedy centers on the budding romance between a flight attendant (Dunst) and a man who has hit a low after losing his girlfriend, running his company into the ground, and most recently, losing his father (see [article id="1511339"]"What Do Orlando Bloom And Liza Minnelli Have In Common? Cameron Crowe Knows"[/article]).

With the debut of "The Fog" and "Elizabethtown," "Flightplan" was knocked down two spots from #2 to #4 with more than $6.4 million. Jodie Foster stars in the thriller as a woman who mysteriously loses her daughter on a flight from Berlin to New York, and finds the crew quite unhelpful as they are convinced her daughter was never on board.

"In Her Shoes" slipped a similar two spots from #3 to #5 with $6.1 million. The film, based on the book of the same name, stars Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette as sisters -- Diaz as the party girl, Collette as the straight-laced lawyer -- who complete each other and drive each other crazy (see "Sexy Feat, Sensible 'Shoes' ").

This week's other debut, "Domino," opened at #6 with more than $4.6 million. The film stars Keira Knightley as a model who turns her back on a life of privilege to try her hand at bounty hunting (see "The 'Domino' Effect"). The character is based on Domino Harvey, who died of a drug overdose earlier this year.

Rounding out this week's top 10 are "Two for the Money," which falls from #4 to #7 with more than $4.6 million; "A History of Violence," which climbs from #9 to #8 with $3.6 million; "Tim Burton's Corpse Bride," which drops from #6 to #9 with more than $3.4 million; and "The Gospel," which slides from #5 to #10 with $3.2 million.

Overall, ticket sales were down from the corresponding weekend last year.

Next week, look for "Doom," "North Country" and "Shopgirl" to debut on the box-office top 10.

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