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'Sex And The City 2' Wedding Is 'Thrilling,' Mario Cantone Says

'Putting us together really officially makes us a part of the family,' he tells MTV News of Anthony and Stanford.

What would a "Sex and the City" flick be without a wedding?

While [article id="1639779"]Kim Cattrall tricked us[/article] into thinking Samantha Jones would get hitched in "Sex and the City 2," out Thursday, it's actually onetime enemies Anthony and Stanford who decide to tie the knot this time around. And it's certainly as fabulous and over-the-top as one would imagine it to be.

But it might leave fans wondering: How did those two crazy kids end up together?

"If you looked at the last movie, they were kind of setting it up," Mario Cantone, who plays Anthony, told MTV News at the film's [article id="1639921"]NYC premiere[/article] Monday. "And I also think, you know what it does? It kills two birds with one stone. So putting us together really officially makes us a part of the family -- the 'Sex and the City' family.

"We hated each other," Cantone continued. "Well, I hated him. But see, it's not always about what's on the outside. You look underneath!"

The couple were not only joined by all their pals; they also got the one-and-only Liza Minnelli to perform at the reception. "Oh my God! She's terrific in the movie," Cantone said. "She sings and dances her ass off. It's terrific! She's amazing to watch. You weren't there to see her nail every take. She was thrilling!"

Kristin Davis, who plays Anthony's bestie, Charlotte, said the wedding gave her the chance to wear her favorite outfit in the flick. "[I loved the] big, black Oscar de la Renta ball gown that I wear to the wedding," she said.

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