7 Things We’ll Never Forget About The 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation' House

For starters, that Sammi doll

The duck phone was undoubtedly the most memorable part of the Jersey Shore house in Seaside, and thankfully, it ventured down south to Miami for Family Vacation. But there were some additional items in the Florida villa that made the group’s stay memorable, for better or for worse…

From the blow-up Sammi doll to that ridiculous backyard, here are the seven most epic parts of the Miami accommodations. Check them out and do not miss the premiere of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2 next Jerzday Thursday at 8/7c!

The Sammi Doll

41 sammi doll

MVP knew the house just wouldn’t be the same without Sam, which is why they got a lifesize doll in her likeness. She even uttered some of Sammi Sweetheart’s most infamous one-liners, like “Ron, staaap!” so 10 points for creativity, bros.

The Electricity


From blackout drunk at the club to a literal blackout when they returned home -- Deena even “broked” some stuff in the pitch darkness -- the first night in the house was pretty damn eventful.

The Toilets


Poop (of all varieties... ahem, Angelina) was a theme throughout JSFV, but #neverforgot Ron’s bowel movements that “demolished” every toilet in the house. Poor Snooki, who had to unclog one of them after losing a bet to Deena, is probably still recovering.

The Pool


Snooki drunkenly peed in the pool on night one, and Deena, Angelina and Sammi doll all got thrown into it at one point or another, so we seriously hope they cleaned that thing.

The Black Guido


No offense, Angelina, but the black widow spider was really the most unwelcome visitor at the Miami abode. The cast made the “red tentacled” insect one of their own though by naming him “black guido,” so dude fit right in.

The Keto Guido Lifestyle


We all died a little inside watching Vinny, who was on a strict low-carb ketogenic diet, eat just the cheese and pepperoni from a late-night pizza as his roomies indulged in the whole shebang. Gluten-free/tan/laundry?

The Backyard

mike bended knee

The stunning yard was the backdrop to many major moments in the house and surprisingly got more use than even the smush room -- it’s where French Fry got in the hot tub, where Mike and Lauren got engaged, and, of course, where Snooki lost (and eventually) found her diamond ring.

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