Chance The Rapper Reveals The Best Song He's Ever Written

It's from <i>Coloring Book</i>, of course

Chance the Rapper's favorite song on Coloring Book is his Jay Electronica collaboration "How Great." But he doesn't think it's the best song he's ever written. That distinction goes to "All Night."

"That song, to me, is the best song I've ever written, because it's such an awesome concept," Chance told Zane Lowe during an Beats1 interview on Tuesday. "The idea behind it is that I'm at this party and there's women all over me, and there's professionals in suits all over me, and people that are telling me they're my cousin. And in my mind, all everyone wants from me is a ride home. I think that's such a funny, stupid concept. But to build off that, and make it connect... it's a fun concept. I do get fucked up at parties and get paranoid, and it's really funny, I think, to bring it back to everybody wanting a ride."

The interview was a full hour long, and Chance dished out a lot of other colorful tidbits, during that time, too. In case you don't have that whole hour to listen, below are some essential highlights.

• He looks at "All We Got" as the "thesis" for the project

• "Finish Line" was originally going to be intro for the project

• At the 6:30 mark, he plays alternate beat for "All We Got"

• At the 8:40 mark, he gets interrupted by a FaceTime call from his daughter and girlfriend

• Kanye did the drums on "All We Got" in one take and then freestyled over it

• At the 12:00, he plays an extended freestyle from Kanye that didn't end up on "All We Got"

• He might put out a joint mixtape with Kanye: "The main thing that we want to connect on is this project called Good Ass Job. That's a thing that we talked about a long time ago, and I think everything we've been working on has been a piece of it. Whether we were together in the room or not... more so than making a tradition project, or making a traditional faith-filled project, or anything like that, he just wants to help me make the dopest shit that I can make."

• At 20:45, he plays the original version of Kanye's "Waves," which includes a verse from Chance

• At 22:45, he plays an original version of Kanye's "Famous," which also includes a Chance verse

• He might drop a mixtape with Jay Electionica: "I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm not making mixtapes [anymore]. I like making mixtapes. I might make a tape with Jay Electronica soon. I might make a take with anybody. But for sure, that mode of [my first three] projects was its own thing."

• He says he's Jay Electronica's biggest fan.

• His girlfriend came in while he was making "Smoke Break": "She didn't like it at first. Now it's her favorite song."

• He's going to tour in September, ideally in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Africa

• He insists the Childish Gambino mixtape is still happening: "I know for a fact that it's gonna come out. I don't wanna say too much. Donald is like my older brother, and I could say some shit that could get me in trouble. He's working on his TV show... the tape is not done, or close to being done. But it'll come out."

• There's a Chicago version of "No Problem" that will come out soon, and he already shot the video for the original

• There was a Big Sean song that couldn't get cleared

• He calls Sean, Jeremih and J. Cole his "three best friends in music": "We had three songs all together that were all collaborative songs, and they all got stopped [by labels]."

Coloring Book is available now.

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