Who Killed Charlotte On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Who's The New A? The Top Suspects

We attempt to answer your biggest 'Pretty Little Liars' questions

In typical Pretty Little Liars fashion, there are not one, not two, but three big mysteries looming over the Liars heading into tonight's Season 6 finale: Who killed Charlotte DiLaurentis? Who is this new emoji-obsessed A? And who has a secret twin lurking around Rosewood?

While we're not expecting the season's final hour to answer all of these questions -- let's be honest: PLL would never -- we're hoping that the finale at least fills in some of the blanks. Why did Charlotte call Wren? And what could she have possibly told him to make him dump Melissa and head running for the States? Was Mrs. DiLaurentis's appearance in Ali's hospital room really just some sort of drug-induced fever dream, or is there a possibility Mrs. D isn't dead? After all, stranger things have happened in Rosewood.

It will be a miracle if we get any of these answers, but a girl can dream, can't she? Then again, PLL has a way with unpacking major mysteries at a breakneck pace in the final moments of a series finale, so there's no telling what kind of ~ gAme-changing ~ surprises are in store for us. In honor of the Season 6 finale, we're narrowing down our top suspects for all three central mysteries.

Who Killed Charlotte DiLaurentis?

Melissa Hastings



Melissa claimed that she was being tortured from afar by Charlotte. She told Hanna that Charlotte was responsible for destroying her relationship with Wren, which was probably a good thing considering Wren is a smarmy guy who can't be trusted. But I digress. Melissa had the motive to kill Charlotte, and she also had the broken suitcase and the questionable alibi to corroborate Emily's claim that Melissa was definitely in Rosewood before Charlotte was murdered. So, did she do it? I’m not sure. Melissa, like Mona, has a history of being whip-smart and slightly unhinged, so it's possible that Charlotte's manipulation finally got to her and she snapped. At the same time, I feel like Melissa is too smart for that. Sure, she may have unknowingly buried Bethany Young alive the night Ali went missing -- but she only did it to protect Spencer. If Melissa wanted to protect her sister from Charlotte, she would have bought her a plane ticket to London, not committed a murder.

Dr. Elliot Rollins

Dr. Rollins PLL

There's something unsettling about a guy so charming and so perfect like Dr. Rollins. Is he really Ali's Knight in Shining Armor? Or he is someone more sinister, someone her sister Charlotte may have been trying to warn her about? After all, Charlotte wasn't happy to discover that her sister had been sleeping with her doctor. It's entirely possible that she knew something Ali didn't. Then again, maybe we've been conditioned to think every guy in Rosewood is guilty until proven innocent -- or maybe there's something to be said for someone who's too good to be true.

Ezra Fitz


So far, the only two people who saw Charlotte go into the church the night she was murdered were Aria and Ezra. So, as far as we know, Ezra could have gone back inside the church after saying goodnight to Aria. He was mad, not just at Charlotte but at the fact that someone like Charlotte gets to go home, while good, innocent people like his girlfriend Nicole get murdered. Plus, at the time, he was pretty inebriated by alcohol and grief, so spiraling into a blind fit of rage wasn't entirely out of the question that night.

Mr. DiLaurentis

Kenneth PLL

Let's get one thing straight: Kenneth DiLaurentis is not a nice man. In fact, he's downright evil, and I think it's pretty telling that throughout Charlotte's recovery and hearing, we never saw Kenneth -- not once. My guess is that after the events of the Season 6 midseason finale, and after his terrible behavior toward Charlotte was revealed, he and his children (including Jason) became estranged. Maybe he wanted revenge on Charlotte for tearing his family apart? Or maybe he's just a terrible, lonely person who can't find happiness so he wants to prohibit others from finding it too. Either way, Mr. DiLaurentis is hiding more than a few dirty secrets.

Who's The New A?

Sara Harvey

pretty little liars sara harvey

Sara Harvey seems like the logical choice. We know she's been (literally) digging around the Radley trying to piece together the walking enigma that was Charlotte DiLaurentis. Also, it goes without saying that Sara is sketchy as hell, lurking in the dark alleyways of Rosewood like one of A's hoodie-wearing minions. Charlotte kept her locked in the dollhouse for years, so it's possible that the duo might have formed some sort of strange kinship through it all. That, or maybe Sara's upset that someone killed Charlotte before she could get the intel she needed. Either way, I know Sara is playing with fire here, but I don't think she has it in her to actually kill the Liars, despite the fact they once left her for dead.

Wren Kingston

Wren Kingston PLL

Based on Hanna’s London flashback, we know that Wren ditched Melissa in the U.K. after a call from Charlotte. Why would Charlotte call Wren? It’s feasible that Wren treated Charlotte while she was in Radley, so it's possible that he became her closest confidante while she was locked up. Maybe she felt comfortable telling him about something... or someone. Whoever killed Ali could have been threatening her while she was locked up in the Welby State Psychiatric Hospital -- and as we've gone over, that person could have been Melissa. Did Charlotte call Wren because she felt threatened? Or did Charlotte call Wren to tell him that the A game was far from over? Wren has to be connected to A in some way. There are just too many clues hinting at his involvement/overall creepiness.

Mrs. DiLaurentis

Mrs. DiLaurentis

OK, hear me out. I fully believe that Mrs. DiLaurentis is the twin lurking around Rosewood, and judging by the way she told Ali she wasn't going to let anything happen to her in her hospital room, I'd have to assume that she feels a tremendous amount of guilt over Charlotte's murder. That was her daughter, and she failed to protect her. Mama DiLaurentis undoubtedly wants her revenge on the person who did it -- and I think she'd kill for it. What else does she have to lose? Plus, it would explain A's constant use of bargain-bin emojis. She's trying to be a ~ cool ~ mom!

Who Has A Twin?

Mrs. DiLaurentis

ABC Family


The last time someone received an unannounced visit in the hospital, Ali happened to be alive and not some figment of Hanna’s imagination. So, I have learned my lesson. I think the show is hinting at something important: Mrs. DiLaurentis is alive -- and she's the one with the twin (Aunt Carol?!), not Ali. It's possible Mrs. DiLaurentis had to get the hell out of dodge when Uber A threatened the life of her children. Maybe she thought her girls were safer without her. Whatever happened to make her leave, one thing is clear: she's back and looking for vengeance.

Ali DiLaurentis


OK, so the other probable theory is that Ali is the one with the twin -- and it was her twin who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis and maybe Charlotte? Who even knows anymore. But I'd like to believe that this version of Ali, the nice, compassionate one we've known since Season 5, is actually her twin and that H.B.I.C. Ali is still out there running the game.

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