Tori Kelly Bemoans Her Twentysomething Singledom In The 'Dear No One' Video

For when it feels like you're the only uncoupled human being in existence...

ICYMI, we've been fans of Tori Kelly for a while now. Ever since we first heard the vocal chord-defying riffs and runs on her YouTube cover of Michael Jackson's "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)," we were hooked. Now, thankfully, she's back with "Dear No One," a video that's all her own.

Just in time, too! Sometime between our "Buzz On" post about Tori and now, the YouTube legal powers that be removed the audio from her M.J. cover. But IDK, maybe it's, like, symbolic? You know, with the release of her Foreword EP at the end of last October, Tori's no longer the amazingly talented girl on YouTube singing other people's hits -- she's the amazingly talented girl singing hits all her own. Yeah? Foreword? More like FORWARD. Get it? Yup, WE'RE PRETTY DEEP.

Watch Tori Kelly's "Dear No One" video after the jump.

Filmed in and around Brooklyn, N.Y., the Jon Jon Augustavo-directed video shows Tori in a variety of settings: sitting on the couch alone in her apartment, walking the streets on a cloudy afternoon, standing on a rooftop feeling all the feelings. (#MajorRoofAccessEnvy)

Whether she's surrounded by others or not, she's alone throughout, swimming upstream in a sea of couples. We know this is a pretty big cliche about city life, but Tori's clip captures that sublime level of urban loneliness perfectly.

"So if you're out there I swear to be good to you," Tori sings, "But I'm done looking for my future someone/ 'Cause when the time is right, you'll be here, but for now/ Dear No One, this is your love song." It's not that the young singer-songwriter's totally given up on love; there's just been too much heartbreak and heartache for her to continue making finding Mr. Right a top priority. When it's time, he'll find her.

And then she sees him. Unsure of his identity and ignoring her own advice, Tori chases this mysterious man up a flight of stairs to the top of an apartment building. Once she catches up with him on the place's rooftop -- again #MajorRoofAccessEnvy -- he literally disintegrates and blows off in the wind. D'oh. This is like the ending of Michelle Branch's "Everywhere" times TEN.

But don't be too upset about the mega sad ending. At least you have this amazingly touching, bittersweet song from Tori Kelly with which to work through your feelings.

+ Watch Tori Kelly's "Dear No One" video.

Photo credit: Capitol Records