Gigi Hadid Accidentally Reveals Her Zayn Phone Screensaver

Aww, looks like she carries him with her everywhere she goes.

Since they first stepped out together last November, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have kept their relationship super low-key (no easy feat for two of the biggest young stars on the planet). They have, however, left a subtle trail of clues that hint at their coupledom — and the latest such example might be the cutest yet.

On Tuesday (Jan. 19), Gigi arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, where she’s reportedly attending Men’s Fashion Week. Now, normally, this wouldn’t be of any particular importance. Sure, her airport style is definitely on point and worth admiring, especially those fun pants with a star and heart on each knee — très chic.

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The real focus of this pic, however, is on Gigi’s white iPhone. Look closely and you’ll see a familiar face staring back on the screen: Yep, that’s Zayn. In fact, the image is so bright and eye-catching that it almost looks Photoshopped -- but nope, it’s completely, adorably real. Zayn has moved in and claimed his spot as Gigi’s screensaver, which ultimately makes this couple more capital-O Official.

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While neither Gigi nor Zayn has publicly spoken out about their relationship, it’s obvious they’re slowly checking things off the New Relationship To-Do List. Let’s take a look at the evidence:

They’ve already started dressing alike (and holding hands in public, a small yet important gesture).

They’ve posted their first selfie together.

They’ve taken candid shots of each other in varying degrees of dress (at least, on Zayn’s end).

Gigi has celebrated Zayn’s birthday (the message was super cryptic, but it counts).

And they’re borrowing each other’s clothes -- here's Gigi wearing Zayn’s tee.

No matter how small or trivial these mini milestones may seem, they’re milestones nonetheless. And they’re part of what makes a new relationship exciting, established and fun. So what’s next on the New Relationship To-Do List? I’m voting for the following: walking a red carpet together (just imagine the slayage), collaborating together (Gigi’s a music vid pro — maybe she can appear in one of Zayn’s solo ones?!) and, of course, confirming their coupledom for real. Scream it from the rooftop, guys! We won’t judge you.