Chelsea Admits She'd Still Be Posing As 'Jamison' If It Weren't For 'Catfish' [Video]

Some viewers may never be able to understand what compelled a student named Chelsea to pose as a male model named "Jamison" on the "Catfish" premiere, but Chelsea assured us it wasn't a case of conscious malice. In the video below, she says that nurse-in-training Sunny--who wound up in a fake relationship with "Jamison"--has forgiven her for her wrongdoing. In fact, Chelsea says she and Sunny have even cultivated a friendship out of the weird ordeal.

"There's definitely a lot of remorse there, and she knows that, and that's what matters," Chelsea tells Nev in the catch-up clip. And though Chelsea has learned to separate her real life from her virtual one, through the perspective she gained from "Catfish," she admits she'd probably still be posing as "Jamison" were it not for Nev's intervention. "I would say it's different--going from basically talking to whoever you want to talk to, to whoever really just wants to talk to you," she says of finally being herself online, noting that while she understands her actions were wrong, she misses a certain comfort in fearlessly reaching out to others.

+ To hear more about what Chelsea's been up to, including coming out to the world (no worries, no "gay panic" here) and starting up her own advocacy campaign, check out the clip, and tell us if it gives you a little bit more insight into Chelsea's actions!

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