The Rock Just Married A Fan - And He Can Marry You, Too

We smell what the Rock is cooking. It smells like wedding cake.

A couple got their marriage off to a rocky start, in the best way, when Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson showed up to meet them at the altar.

The groom, Nick Mundy of Screen Junkies, is a mega-fan of The Rock who became friendly with the actor during a press junket for "Furious 7." According to E!, Mundy had asked The Rock to be his best man back when the two first met.

The Rock politely declined, but apparently decided independently that he'd still like to be part of the big day -- and surprised Mundy by inviting him to what was supposed to be a press junket for "San Andreas," but actually turned out to be Mundy's own surprise wedding, complete with officiation by the freshly-ordained Rock.

The Screen Junkies team captured the whole, beautiful event, complete with Mundy's delighted non sequitur ("But... I'm wearing America pants!") when The Rock brings him into a room at the junket and he discovers that his friends, family, and fiancee have all assembled to celebrate his nuptials. Watch the video below.

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