Kendrick Lamar's Political Comments Set Off A Fight Between Lupe Fiasco, Azealia Banks And Kid Cudi

The three artists exchange heated words after reading Kendrick Lamar's interview.

Kendrick Lamar's comments regarding the events in Ferguson this summer set off a chain of heated reactions over the weekend. And, not surprisingly, the most vocal of his detractors was Azealia Banks.

The Harlem rapper went on an anti-Kendrick tirade Friday night calling K. Dot's comments "the dumbest sh-- I've ever heard a black man say," before picking a fight with Lupe Fiasco on Saturday. And when that finally cooled down, Kid Cudi added his two cents and got into another dispute with Lupe.

Lupe invoked Azealia's wrath, when he supported Kendrick's comments, using the hashtag "#BeMoreLikeKendrickLamar." And it didn't take long before things got very personal.

Lupe fired back by pointing out that Banks had previously admitted to being one of his fans, repeating the same text with several different memes, including Kermit, Denzel Washington and even former President George W. Bush.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 10.58.28 AM

But, of course, this didn't stop Azealia.

"@LupeFiasco Hear me??? I will STILL steal your flows, your soul and everything you are worth. Don't f--- with me asshole," she continued. "LUPE..... you're not even a real rapper anymore.. ur that black guy who used to hang with kanye. hussshhhhh. When kanye stepped away from you, you had no legs to stand on..... it's over."

Azealia continued to berate Lupe, teasing that his "Pressure" collaborator Jay Z had no idea who is he, and that he isn't able to book shows these days.

The Chicago MC didn't need too many words to respond to those tweets. He shared a photo of himself hanging with Jay, plus a screenshot of his upcoming tour dates in Australia.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 11.03.31 AM

And just when we finally thought it was over, Kid Cudi sent a couple of tweets that set Lupe off again.

"Dear black artists, dont talk down on the black community like you are Gods gift to n----z everywhere," he tweeted on Saturday.

If you wanna help, inspire, uplift, don't point the blame and talk down.

— Scott Mescudi (@KidCudi) January 10, 2015



"How about you stop sh--ting on the people who really cared about your well being when this biz was ripping you apart. Fake a-- @KidCudi," Lupe tweeted, before Cudi responded.

Uh oh we got em mad!!! Hahaha

— Scott Mescudi (@KidCudi) January 10, 2015

"My comments come from a place of love. Sorry if I offended anyone, except Poopé Fiasco," Cudi shot back. "F--k that n---z feelings haha dweeb."

Lupe, who checked in on Cudi during his much publicized battle with drug abuse didn't let that one go, responding, "N----z be invalid because they don't really mean what they say. I hate n----z that are disloyal at they core then flex like they Gandhi FOH."

In the video below, Kendrick Lamar shares his thoughts on the events surrounding Michael Brown and Eric Garner's deaths with MTV News.

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