'The Challenge' Returns: Get Your First Look At 'Battle Of The Bloodlines'

The long-running series will feature familiar MTV faces paired up with their relatives.

The well-known proverb states that blood is thicker than water -- but will the statement prove to be true when vying for the glory on "The Challenge"?

The MTV series will return on December 2 (start the official countdown!) with "Battle of the Bloodlines," a brand-new format featuring 14 familiar MTV faces (from "Real World," "Fresh Meat," “Are You the One?” and "Spring Break Challenge") who are paired up with a brother, cousin or sister to fight their way toward the coveted top prize. And judging by the first trailer from the long-running program, below, holidays most certainly won't be the same for these family members when all is said and done.

From five-time winner Johnny Bananas declaring he's "here to restore the crown" with his relative to veteran Nany worrying that her kin will affect her game, these alums are out for blood -- with their blood. But that's only the beginning in this teaser: There are more epic water splashes, a mysterious person screeching "This is a game!", "Cutthroat" couple Abram and Cara Maria kissing/fighting and host TJ Lavin exclaiming he has a "surprise" for the gang (that's never a good thing). Oh, and the one and only CT declaring he is here to "cause havoc."

We aren't ready...

Watch the heart-stopping action unfold in the clip, share your thoughts on the new season in the comments and be sure to catch the premiere of "The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines" on Wednesday, December 2 at 10/9c!

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