'Yamborghini High' Is The Most A$AP Mob Video Ever

The New York crew perfects the art of having fun on camera

The A$AP Mob just released a brand-new video for their song "Yamborghini High," a tribute to the crew's late founder, Steven "A$AP Yams" Rodriguez, who died last year. The technicolor video features the A$AP Mob, Juicy J, and a number of models wearing robes for every color of the rainbow as they lounge on Lamborghinis in front of a green-screen mansion. The video is full of digital effects and weird psychedelic shots that look like GIFs. It's an immediately striking, ridiculously fun look that honors the distinctive stylistic choices that A$AP Mob's members have used in videos throughout their careers.

Five years ago, A$AP Rocky and the A$AP Mob were a little known Harlem crew outside of Tumblr rap circles. That changed in the summer of 2011, when the videos for A$AP Rocky's "Purple Swag" and "Peso" kick-started his career by showing a stylized yet authentic-seeming version of the crew's everyday lives in Harlem. Once Rocky became famous, his videos got more outlandish — clips like "Goldie" closely followed the aesthetic of Yams's influential Tumblr, a collage of 1990s rap magazines, obscure rap videos, and vintage songs from E-40 to Cam’ron.

Rocky's early track "Wassup" was a peak for that Yams-inspired style. The video starts up in Harlem, then shows Rocky walking a dog in front of a mansion tinted to his then-signature purple hue. That over-the-top image, paired with moments of Rocky sitting alone with a gold bottle inside a bathtub full of dollar bills, gave the video a very Cash-Money-circa-1999, "Bling Bling" vibe. The difference: Where those older videos were preoccupied with communicating and flaunting the idea of actual wealth, the larger-than-life lifestyle displayed in Rocky's early videos is more obviously a fantasy made for the camera.

The video for "Yamborghini High" invokes those days to joyful effect. We see various friends and associates of the A$AP crew laughing at jokes and mugging for the camera; where videos like The Game’s "Wouldn’t Get Far" or Hopsin’s "No Words" offer sour parodies of that particular rap video trope, the A$AP Mob loves every minute. In the "Yamborghini High" video's final moments, everyone on set scurries away as A$AP Ferg mugs to the camera one last time. Who cares what's real? They're having fun playing pretend.