Mark Ruffalo Discusses His Try-Out For Harvey Dent/Two-Face Role In 'The Dark Knight'

Thanks to a blockbuster summer for comic book adaptations, it seems like every major celebrity in Hollywood wants to hop on the superhero flick bandwagon -- some even have specific characters in mind that they would love to play.

However, in the case of Mark Ruffalo, breaking into the four-color genre came darn-near close to a reality. In an interview with MTV Movies promoting the upcoming film, "Blindness" (opening in theaters October 3), Ruffalo talks about auditioning for the part of the ill-fated Harvey Dent (a.k.a. Two-Face) in "The Dark Knight." Check out the video clip below where Ruffalo breaks the news about his try-out for Christopher Nolan, and also talks about some of his favorite comics growing up.

Do you think Ruffalo has the chops to pull off Harvey Dent? What superhero or villain do you think he'd be best suited for? State your case in the comments.

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