This Genius Just Made The Whole Internet A Super Mario Game

"Screentendo" code morphs every website into NES classic.

The digital age's greatest minds supposedly all flock to Silicon Valley, but they've got nothing on this retro gaming fan from London.

"Screentendo" is the pet project of obvious coding genius Aaron Randall, who has figured out a way to overlay a simple version of the original 1985 Mario game over any website you choose. Simply download the code, do some geek hacker stuff -- if you have Mac OSX Yosemite -- and voila! Turn your latest boring sales report into box-breaking fun.

Aaron Randall


There's no enemies or Bowsers included, but the code is open and free to anyone for modification, so if you've got sick coding skills and a desire to make the little red plumber fight Koopas in some dark subreddit or on Bernie Sanders' official website, have at it!

Here's a visualization of how the process works on, say, a Google Docs spreadsheet...

Aaron Randall


Aaron Randall


Aaron Randall


Aaron Randall


Aaron Randall


Screentendo may not work perfectly yet -- a writer for the Next Web who installed it concluded, "[I]t didn’t recognize the smaller type all that well, but it is still pretty cool" -- but hey, at least you can fool your employer into thinking you're viewing work-related URLs. Why not collect some coins while you're collecting coin?

(No word if it works on EVERY website on the net -- otherwise, we may see Mario go down some pretty different pipes...)