Watch One Direction Become One In 'You & I' Video

Those matching gray sweaters suddenly make sense.

After tons of teasers, One Direction finally released their "You & I" video on Friday (April 18). Niall had promised that they would be "doing something very different" for this clip, and he wasn't kidding.

Looking all grown-up in matching cozy gray sweaters, the guys stroll along the Clevedon Pier outside of Somerset, England, in the clip (in color, not black-and-white as the teasers projected), which was directed by longtime collaborator Ben Winston.

The video begins with Niall walking along the pier wearing that gray sweater and black pants. Wardrobe is a key point in the "You & I" video. As Directioners know, this is a boy band that never wears matching outfits. But we now know that they share the item of clothing because they transform into one another!

As Niall concludes his verse on the romantic Midnight Memories ballad, he suddenly morphs (OMG) into Liam (who's totally rocking that scruffy look, BTW). Payne then transforms into Harry (not wearing that cute hat he was caught sporting on set), who becomes Zayn and, finally, Louis.

The visual makes it seem that each boy-band member is walking along the boardwalk in one continuous shot. The five guys of 1D eventually all meet up toward the end of the clip, rolling around on the boardwalk, playing with balloons, kicking a soccer ball and pretty much being adorable. Take a look at the pretty awesome video for yourself.

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