Lil Nas X Is Working With Travis Barker On His New EP

Insert 'Old Town Road'/Blink-182 pun here

Lil Nas X's new EP 7 is coming out this month, and after spending 10 minutes thinking of clever use of "Old Town Road" lyrics, there's no way to make a good joke out of this next statement: The rising country star has a song with Blink 182's Travis Barker on his new project. It's out of left field, but that's what made "Old Town Road" so big in the first place. The possibilities for this new track are endless.

Barker revealed in a recent interview with Spin that he collaborated with Lil Nas X on 7. "I have a song with Lil Nas X that's going to be on his EP," he said. "He came to the studio, and I played a couple of beats that I thought would be stuff he was into. Then I played something on accident where he stopped and was like, 'What is that? I've got to have that.' It was actually an idea I had for the Blink album." Hearing Lil Nas X over a Travis Barker production will be legendary. We can only imagine what it will be.

We shouldn't have to wait too much longer for 7 since it's still on track to come out this month. Lil Nas X revealed that, although it's called 7, it'll have eight songs. He also said that he wanted to shoot a video for each one with upcoming animators. Could this mean an animated Lil Nas X and Travis Barker in the same cartoon? We can only wait to see.

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