Watch Seth Rogen And Chloe Moretz Insult Each Other For Five Straight Minutes

So who <i>really</i> has bigger balls?

As on-screen nemeses, Seth Rogen and Chloe Moretz got plenty of practice being awful to each other while filming Neighbors 2. Now, the co-stars’ nastiness is being tested off-camera in a brutal, insult-hurling showdown.

During an appearance on BBC Radio 1 on Wednesday, Rogen and Moretz played Playground Insults, a game where they hurl mean jabs at each other in an attempt to make the other person crack. Think of it like that scene in The Sandlot that ends with the iconic “You play ball like a girl!”

Things got off to a mild start, as the actors traded softballs about each other’s hangnails and fashion choices. But it quickly took an R-rated turn, as they swapped digs about smelly butts, dick rings, and the size of Rogen’s manhood. Ouch.

Neighbors 2 opens in theaters on May 20.

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