Why Valentine's Day Is Actually The Best For Single Girls

Don't be sad about being single ... embrace it.

As I have grown older, I've noticed a certain phenomenon that arises each year on Valentine’s Day: Some girls let themselves get lost in the significance of it, wallow in self-pity and use the alternate designation “Singles Awareness Day” as an excuse to complain about being single.


But I’m here to tell you ladies to stop! We single gals should band together and agree to use Valentine’s Day 2015 to be excited about our single status rather than letting ourselves feel pitiful. Here’s why...

"Fifty Shades Of Grey" is coming out


I just wanted to get this out of the way. Anyone who says they are not excited for this movie is straight-up lying. Some may say that going to see it with a group of your single girlfriends is “pathetic” or “very lonely sounding,” but I say those people are wrong. This movie is going to be weird and maybe terrible and definitely amazing. So be happy that you're single and don’t have to drag a boyfriend to it.

You don’t have high (or any) expectations to meet


Couples put so much pressure on themselves for Valentine’s Day, and it never lives up to those expectations. It’s like New Year's Eve and Halloween: these days are never as fun as they’re made out to be. So be happy your single self doesn't need to impress or be impressed for this holiday ... and something (or someone) might actually impress you after all.

You don't have to compete for a reservation at a fancy restaurant


Couples have to make Valentine’s Day reservations so far ahead of time, and then they have to dress up and go even though it's freezing outside, and they have to pay for a prix fixe menu just because it’s Valentine’s Day. But not us! We can wear a sweatsuit and eat chocolate-covered strawberries in our beds if we damn well please. Speaking of which...

There is chocolate everywhere


Who says you need someone to buy it for you? Chocolate is so readily available on this day, and all those couples are too busy making out to actually eat it. Fools.

You don’t have to worry about buying gifts


Instead of purchasing expensive, relationship-appropriate gifts, you can send these cards to your best friends with a lot of winky-kiss-face emojis.

You're happy on your own when it's not Valentine's Day


So don’t let this holiday make you think otherwise!

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