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Luke Wilson Admits To Playing Himself In 'Legally Blonde 2'

Actor reprising role as Reese Witherspoon's lawyer love interest.

Reese Witherspoon's "Mr. Smith"-style trip to Washington, D.C., is one step closer to the big screen. Luke Wilson says he's finished his scenes for "Legally Blonde 2: Red White and Blonde."

"It's a really funny script," reported the 32-year-old actor, who returns as Witherspoon's lawyer love interest alongside sitcom veteran Bob Newhart, Sally Field ("Forrest Gump") and Regina King ("Friday") (see [article id="1458708"]"Working On 'Legally Blonde 2' Brings Regina King To Tears"[/article]). Still in production, "Legally Blonde 2" sees Witherspoon's secretly smart Barbie-like character lobbying Congress to ban the use of animals in cosmetics testing (see [article id="1457667"]"It's Witherspoon Versus Washington In 'Legally Blonde 2' "[/article]).

"She's just such a good, funny, smart actress. I really respect her," Wilson said. "A lot of actors just kind of play it straight, and she really plays a character. [It] takes some guts to play kind of this strange character for an entire movie, 'cause [Elle Woods] is an intense little person."

Wilson joked that he had little apprehension about reprising his role because, "to tell you the truth, I play myself in every movie anyway, so what's the difference if I do a sequel?"

Shortly before "Legally Blonde 2" hits theaters in July, Wilson will turn up in another female-fronted franchise, "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle," which is due in late June (see [article id="1458393"]"Blood Oath Brings Charlie's Angels Together For 'Intense' Sequel"[/article]), and he can currently be seen in the comedy "Old School."

The Rob Reiner-directed "Loosely Based on a True Love Story," which stars Wilson alongside Kate Hudson ("Almost Famous"), is due in September.

-- Ryan J. Downey, with additional reporting by [article id="1453177"]Iann Robinson[/article]