Chadwick Boseman As Marvel's Black Panther Is 'Not Out Of The Question'

We vote yes!

It's no secret that Marvel's movie universe is expanding and the more films the comic book giant pumps, the more actors they'll need to play them. Who knows, maybe actor Chadwick Boseman will get a shot... not that he'd tell us anyway.

MTV News caught up with the rising actor on Saturday when he was at New York's famed Apollo theater to promote his upcoming film "Get On Up," the powerful James Brown biopic which will open on August 1. Boseman nailed his starring role as the iconic soul singer, but when we asked him to confirm rumors that he will be playing Black Panther in an upcoming Marvel film, he just laughed it off.

"I know nothing of it, I have no knowledge of this," Boseman said after hearty (and curious) laugh. "It's not out of the question, but I have no direct knowledge of this."

Black Panther made his first appearance in 1966 and has had ties to the Avengers, so maybe an "Age of Ultron" cameo is on the horizon or a film or television show of his own. We're not sure what Marvel has planned, but hopefully we will all have direct knowledge after the smoke clears at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend.

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