Michael Christmas Is About To Be Your Favorite Every-Dude Rapper

Stream the Boston rapper's debut, 'What A Weird Day.'

Boston rapper Michael Christmas is celebrating the release of his official debut What A Weird Day today (Oct. 23). Available via Google Play and Spotify, What A Weird Day has Christmas saying "hey young world" with the help of Logic, D.R.A.M., and Mac Miller.

The 18-track album is a mellow ride through bizarre vibes as told by an everyman rapper. When it comes to writing raps, Michael Christmas has yet to experience the lavish lifestyle. Truthfully, he's just trying to survive everyday weirdness.

Christmas caught national attention in 2013 with the awkward-kid anthem "Michael Cera" taken from his Is This Art? mixtape. In an interview surrounding his What A Weird Day record, Christmas told Noisey that he was such an outcast growing up that he was deemed too lame to be bullied. "Imagine being so outcast bullies didn't want to f-ck with you. I was so in the cut bullies were just like, 'We can't have any fun with him; he doesn't say or do anything!'" Now he's taking Instagram photos with his rap peers.

Since the release of Is This Art?, Christmas has been on tour with Logic and recording tracks for his official follow-up.

Only 21 years old, Michael Christmas' weird feelings as a high school dropout and Boston outcast will likely subside as his record has already graced the Top 25 on iTunes. His charmed life has included the following Instagram moments:

In the studio with Mac Miller:

Chilling with A-Trak:

Fanboy moment with Chance The Rapper:

Shenanigans with Zach Galifianakis (sorta):

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