Fans Really, Really Do Not Want The Live-Action 'Mulan' Film To Be Whitewashed

A preemptive petition against whitewashing has nearly 100,000 signatures

Disney's live-action Mulan movie was first announced in early 2015 and is still in early development stages, yet there's already controversy surrounding the upcoming flick. Fans are deeply concerned about casting choices — mainly, that all the Chinese characters will be whitewashed into oblivion.

A petition created last year has reached nearly 100,000 signatures pleading for Disney to cast Chinese actors and actresses in a movie about Chinese people. Created by Natalie Molnar, the petition urges potential signers to "take a stand against whitewashing in our media," citing Rooney Mara's portrayal of Tiger Lily in Pan, several actors in The Last Airbender, and the recent casting of Scarlett Johansson as The Major in Ghost in the Shell as examples of Hollywood's track record of whitewashing POC characters.

The spike in petitions might be attributed to a fake announcement Monday (September 12) via parody site Unreel News that Jennifer Lawrence and Zac Efron were being considered for the lead roles. However, their concerns about who will ultimately land the roles is still warranted. Several responded in humorous ways, but underneath their jokes lies a painful truth about media history.

Of course, Disney hasn't officially cast anyone — or even said who's being eyed for the roles — so maybe we have nothing to worry about at all. Disney, let's get down to business and do this film right.

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