Jonas Brothers Say Russell Brand 'Needs A Hug,' Meeting Britney Spears Was 'Incredible'

Brothers talk about VMAs at British 'Camp Rock' premiere.

Still on a European promotional tour in support of [article id="1592181"]"Camp Rock"[/article], the have opened up once again about the comments Russell Brand made about their purity rings at the VMAs on Sunday.

Speaking to MTV News in the U.K. in Wednesday, Nick Jonas, 15, said, "I don't know if there is really a positive" to come out of Brand's comments, adding, "He was kind of running out of material after a little while."

The boys, who said earlier that they had no hard feelings over the [article id="1594439"]British comic's comments[/article], expressed even more affection for him. "I'd give him a hug," Joe said. "I think he needs a hug!"

Also on Wednesday, [article id="1594549"]Jordin Sparks talked about her comments at the VMAs[/article] in defense of the Brothers' promise rings.

(The flap over Brand's comments actually inspired an abstinence-group leader to send [article id="1594447"]Sarah Palin's daughter[/article] a purity ring, which he said would be delivered by Republican presidential nominee John McCain's daughter Meghan.)

The boys also talked about how jazzed they were to meet first-time VMA winner .

"We met a lot of people there," Joe said. "We met Britney Spears and she was incredible!"

On Sunday, before the guys hit the VMAs, they told [article id="1594274"]UsMagazine.com[/article] that their goal for the night was to meet [article id="1594283"]Brit, who turned out to be the night's big winner[/article]. "We really hope we get to meet her," Kevin told the site following their rehearsal of their new single, [article id="1594267"]"Lovebug."[/article] "That would be an honor," Kevin added. "I wanna meet her," Nick said. "She was the first CD I ever bought, so it would be cool," Joe revealed. "You want to pull for Britney and hope for the best," Kevin added.

Although the guys didn't win any awards, they were true to their word.

"It was an honor to lose to her, as well," Kevin told MTV News U.K.

At the "Camp Rock" London premiere, the brothers were joined on the red carpet by co-star Demi Lovato; they all performed live after the screening.

"We're so excited to be here in London to celebrate the European premiere of 'Camp Rock,' Joe told The Press Association. "The reaction from our U.K. fans has been incredible and we are so appreciative."

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