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Nathan Kress Just Made That Totally Bananas 'iCarly' Fan Theory Even Better

Always ‘bee’ yourself

Last week, we learned that a bizarre, completely WTF iCarly fan theory was "confirmed" by Nathan Kress himself. Freddie Benson is, as the theory dreamed up by Twitter user @lilgrlhj suggests, the result of his crazy helicopter mom's love affair with Barry B. Benson from Bee Movie. Yes, you read that correctly.

On Sunday (July 31), Kress took the "theory" one step further, basically reminding us why Freddie is our absolute fave. He responded to Jerry Seinfeld's unrelated tweet about if Bee Movie 2 should happen or not. Kress was down, but on one condition.

Remember when Twitter user @whiteandfaded watched Bee Movie with an actual bee? That could be Freddie and Barry, but they playing.

Also, some question. Since we know Freddie is allergic to bees, thanks to an early iCarly episode, does that mean he's allergic to his own father? Can they never hug without fear of Freddie breaking out in hives and/or dying? Tragic. Of course, if Freddie's first instinct is to swat the crap out of a bee, then maybe a family reunion isn't quite in order just yet.


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