April at the Movies: 10 Films You Must See This Month

Rather then tell you details about every single movie opening every single month, we're gonna switch things up around here and instead help you plan your month at the movies by picking the nine most notable films of the month and one we proudly award our Turkey of the Month. This month, indie movies outweigh studio movies and we rejoice!


"Jurassic Park 3D"

This should require no explanation. "Jurassic Park" is back in theaters 20 years after its initial release with what's being called the best 3D conversion yet. The effects hold up, the terror feels just as real, the music is as transportive as ever, and the list goes on and on.

"Evil Dead"

The rumors are true. The "Evil Dead" remake, produced by original team Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell, might be the goriest movie this side of NC-17 you will ever see. If that is your kind of thing, you'll want to make sweet sweet love to this movie, and frankly, you probably will. The dialogue? Meh. The story? Double meh. But a remake of "Evil Dead" should be a little bit so bad it's good. You should cringe just a tad when the characters deliver their wooden exposition or somehow the film would feel untrue to the original. In any event, it's a great and wholly disturbing time at the movies. Get a group together and scream/cover your eyes/throw up together.

"Upstream Color"

Shane Carruth ("Primer") premiered this mind binder of a film at Sundance to great acclaim / confusion. Now, just a mere couple months later, it opens in limited release before it hits home video in May. Watch what you read about this film - even the SXSW plot summary was deemed by many to be a massive spoiler. In order to experience it properly, go in cold and see what happens.


"To The Wonder"

Doesn't it kind of seem like all of a sudden Terrence Malick was like "And now, another movie!" and "To The Wonder just appeared? Well whether Malick actually shot this movie, or simply willed it into existence, his first feature since the Best Picture nominated "Tree of Life" comes to theaters in a couple weeks. The movie follows a couple, Neil and Marina (Ben Affleck and Olga Kurylenko) who move to small town America to start a life together. Soon after, Marina befriends a struggling priest (Javier Bardem) and Neil reconnects with a past love (Rachel McAdams) and things get complicated. Any and all explorations of any and all types of love and relationships have my name written all over it, so even if this movie just ends up being four actors frolicking around beautiful landscapes surrounded by an army of buffalo, I'll still probably adore it. Especially if Britney Spears is involved. I mean one of the quotes is "You feel your love has died, perhaps it is waiting to transform into something higher." MUST NEEDS SEE NOW MUST.

"It's a Disaster"

If you follow my overly loquacious twitter account (get it?) you've probably caught on by now that I LOVE THIS MOVIE. Oscilloscope picked up the doomsday comedy after it premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival last year, and the film has perhaps become best known for pulling an epic prank on the internets by being the first movie to be "distributed" on the popular App, Vine. The film is about eight friends who gather for couples brunch as a disaster occurs outside, forcing them to remain indoors even as their personal lives implode. It's fast paced, with a unique tone and original sense of humor, and the ensemble, which includes Julia Stiles and David Cross, shines. Stay tuned to for an interview with writer/director Todd Berger next week.

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Another little film that could that impressed on the festival circuit last year, "Antiviral" is the first effort from David Cronenberg's son, Brandon. This unsettling body shock sci-fi film is about a world where people are so obsessed with celebrities, they buy and purposefully contract their diseased cells, and eat masses of "steak" created from their healthy ones. While the film's narrative may falter here and there, the world it falters within is so strong, visually and viscerally, that you can't help but appreciate the vision behind the camera and the potential for the rest of Cronenberg's career.

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Yeah, remember this movie? I don't. Has there been a marketing campaign? Is it even real? Did someone at Universal see it, freak out at its awfulness and decide to just pretend it never happened? The fact that this film is directed by Joseph Kosinski ("Tron: Legacy") means chances of it being worth anything beyond having an amazing soundtrack and being kind of cool if are on pot brownies, aren't too great. Plus Tom Cruise is in it. So, muh.


"Pain & Gain"

Mark Wahlberg and The Rock play body building criminals in this action dramedy directed by Michael Bay. And it actually looks kind of awesome. Wait. What? Based on a true story, the film follows three gym rats (the third played by Anthony Mackie) who decide to extort money from a mob boss (Tony Shalhoub) and all kinds of shenanigans ensue. Also featuring Rob Corddry, Rebel Wilson and Ken Jeong.


Two boys find a man named Mud on a Mississippi island played by Matthew McConaughey in Jeff Nichols' follow up to 2011's "Take Shelter". Word is McConaghey's performance is top notch, even surpassing his strong work in a slew of films last year ("Magic Mike", "Bernie", "Killer Joe") and the film itself has been receiving the highest of praise since premiering at Sundance. Considering how fantastic "Take Shelter" is, it's nice to have confirmation that it wasn't a fluke and talent like Nichols' is here to stay.

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"Scary Movie 5"

Wait, these are still happening? These still make money? Who is going to see them and why?! Although this edition does feature both Charlie Sheen AND Lindsay Lohan, so it does have that trainwreck ON TOP of a trackwreck factor. This time, the franchise is sending up "Paranormal Activity", "Mama", and "Sinister" and the cast also features Simon Rex, Mike Tyson and Ashley Tisdale. Sigh.

Others to keep in mind:

"Trance" (4/5)  Danny Boyle's next film, starring James McAvoy. Our editor is not a fan.

"Simon Killer" (4/12) From the producing team behind "Martha Marcy May Marlene." Dark, troubling, fascinating. Check out our thoughts from AFI.

"The Brass Teapot" (4/12) This comedic fantasy about a teapot that creates money when you hurt yourself starring Juno Temple, Alexis Bledel, Michael Angarano and Alia Shawkat, hit my radar because of a booth at Wondercon - the indie film is based on a comic book series!

"The Reluctant Fundamentalist" (4/26) Mira Nair's ("Monsoon Wedding") new film based on the acclaimed book of the same name, playing early at the Indian Film Festival of LA

"The Big Wedding" (4/26) From the director of "The Bucket List", Robin Williams back on the big screen

"At Any Price" (4/26) Played at Telluride, Venice and Toronto, featuring Zac Efron attempting to prove himself again. Will it work?