'Man Of Steel' Divides Comics Community

by Brett White

Comic book movies have always been a hot button issue with fans, but opinions are split down the middle when it comes to "Man of Steel." It's not surprising when you consider how important Superman is to so many comic book pros. Superman's been in comics, movies, and television shows since the early 1950s, meaning that generations upon generations have grown up with this character.

But now the film has a 56% on Rotten Tomatoes - the site that measures critics' reviews - and an A- on Cinema Score - which measures moviegoers opinions. People are divided, especially those in the comic book community.

Mark Waid, one of the most prominent and passionate Superman fans working in comics, kicked off a weekend of debate with this Tweet on Thursday night:

That thunder you heard at around 9:15 EST was the sound of my heart breaking in two.

— Mark Waid (@MarkWaid) June 14, 2013

He then posted a blog review (warning: SPOILERS) of the film where he detailed his thoughts. The thing is, he wasn't the only one to voice an opinion all weekend long. SPOILERS ahead.

Some fans are praising the film's spectacle and action sequences, as well as the performances. Some fans are condemning the film's dour tone, wanton destruction and extreme final solution to the Zod problem. In fact, it's really those last two areas where fans seem to be most divided. Your Superman either kills or he doesn't, and your opinion of the film as a whole can be greatly influenced by that.

Check out these Twitter reactions to "Man of Steel" from comic book writers, artists, journalists and bloggers.

Okay- not going to argue it, understand if you didn't. But... I liked it. #ManOfSteel

— Jeff Parker (@jeffparker) June 16, 2013

Waaaait a second. I was under the impression #ManofSteel was going to be a Superman movie.

— Joe Keatinge (@joekeatinge) June 16, 2013

Thanks @DCComics for inviting me to the #ManOfSteel screening! Fun movie, I & II still tops in my heart but this was the best since.

— Christos Gage (@Christosgage) June 13, 2013

Not even particularly good as a non-Superman movie. Glad I ordered the soundtrack, though! #ManOfSteel

— Sean McKeever (@TheSeanMcKeever) June 15, 2013

#Manofsteel delivered. Action and heart. Henry Cavill is drrrreamy. Loved Amy Adams.

— Heidi MacDonald (@Comixace) June 11, 2013

As of now, I enjoyed just as many things in Man of Steel as I didn't. So I don't know.

— Doc Shaner (@DocShaner) June 17, 2013

Solid B+ for Man of Steel. Liked it more than I expected. And I generally don't like Superman.

— Rob Guillory (@Rob_guillory) June 16, 2013

Saw Man of Steel. I liked a lot of the mechanics but I didn't connect with the characters. It lacked tension for me because of that.

— Gabriel Hardman (@gabrielhardman) June 16, 2013

My awesome wife sent me off to see Man of Steel this morning as an early Fathers Day gift. I super loved it, you guys.

— Chris Samnee (@ChrisSamnee) June 15, 2013

Soooo. I saw Man of Steel. And that is...a movie.

— Kelly Thompson (@79SemiFinalist) June 14, 2013

Loved the first 2/3 of Man of Steel, had some problems with the last part. Very much worth seeing, though!

— Pat Loika (@patloika) June 14, 2013

Furious 6 > Man of Steel. #dealwithit

— Doctor Boyfriend (@deantrippe) June 14, 2013

MAN OF STEEL!!!! I loved every moment of it! Cavill was a surprisingly great Superman. My favorite superhero.

— Ethan Van Sciver (@EthanVanSciver) June 14, 2013

Saw MOS and liked it. It's not perfect- too long & one battle scene too many but I thought the performances were great. Adams was great Lois

— DC Women Kicking Ass (@dcwomenkicknass) June 16, 2013

Don't want to be a spoiler, but I liked the movie. A lot.

— Dan Jurgens (@djjurgens) June 14, 2013

2. Zack Snyder really wanted to make a Wolverine movie, so he put Wolverine in his Superman movie. And left out Superman.

— Andrew Wheeler (@Wheeler) June 16, 2013

MAN OF STEEL was amazing. Wasn't sure when we were allowed to talk about it. The globe-cracking battles will powder your spine.

— Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) June 12, 2013

But as a Superman movie, it's all kinds of aggressively stupid. All the PURE bad could've easily been avoided, and that's kinda sad!

— Caleb Goellner (@calebandrew) June 16, 2013

That sure was a Superman movie with no bright colors.

— Chris Sims (@theisb) June 15, 2013

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