A Tribe Called Quest Calls It Quits

After a decade of making hip-hop history and a month of speculation, A Tribe Called Quest finally called it quits Tuesday night with an announcement during its opening set on the Beastie Boys current tour.

At the show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Tribe's Q-Tip announced that the group's next album, "The Love Movement," would be its last. Q-Tip also declared that Tribe would continue to tour with the Beasties, but that this will be the group's last tour.

MTV News' Kurt Loder caught up with Q-Tip backstage after the show, where the rapper offered something akin to an explanation.

"It's just, the whole thing is we just learned a lot from this music industry, and trying to pursue art. Things ain't always what it cracks up to be on TV," [900 QuickTime] Q-Tip offered.

Sources tell MTV that the band's split is a business decision and is not based on any conflict within the group.

Contrary to Q-Tip's

statement from the stage, Tribe's record label says the band will do a series of college dates after leaving the Beasties tour.

The group's last record, "The Love Movement," will hit stores on September 29.

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