'Deadpool 2' Drops Explosive New Teaser With Actual Footage This Time

And an elaborate Bob Ross gimmick!

Deadpool is back, baby. And he's just as foul-mouthed and irreverent as ever. Thank god.

With Justice League ready to crash into theaters this weekend, 20th Century Fox wasn't just going to sit back and let those goody-goodies get all the glory. Behold: The first official look at Deadpool 2, the anticipated follow-up to last year's record-breaking R-rated superhero movie about Marvel's mouthiest antihero.

While the first two-thirds of the teaser is nothing more than an elaborate Bob Ross gimmick starring producer-star Ryan Reynolds as the Merc with a Mouth in a Wig, the last bit is a dizzying sizzle reel of all-new footage. In it, we see some familiar faces — Weasel, Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Blind Al — as well as a few exciting newcomers, including Zazie Beetz's Domino, who makes one hell of an entrance.

Directed by David Leitch, who stepped in to helm the project after Tim Miller left due to creative differences, the sequel will also feature the long-awaited introduction of the gun-toting X-Force leader Cable (Josh Brolin) into the X-universe. As for the actual plot of the movie, we know next to nothing, and this action-packed teaser does little to change that.

It does, however, give us this excellent shot of Negasonic Teenage Warhead, who I think speaks for all of us at this point in time.

20th Century Fox

Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 is set to hit theaters June 1, 2018.