Cody Christian Answers Your 'Pretty Little Liars' Burning Questions

"I don't want to receive death threats," says Christian.

We don't know what Mike Montgomery is up to on "Pretty Little Liars," but we don't like it.

In the most recent episode of "PLL," Mike got caught red-handed taking blood -- presumably the Liars' blood (gross) -- from the church blood drive and withdrawing $400 from his bank account. (Since when does little Montgomery have $18,000 in the bank?) And when Aria and Emily followed him to a diner outside of Rosewood, we discovered that Mike was meeting with Cyrus Petrillo. Yes, Ali's fake kidnapper Cyrus. Perhaps even more troubling, Mike handed Cyrus an envelope -- and we think it contained the Liars' blood. Are Mike and Cyrus working for "A?" And why would Mike betray Aria like that?

Speaking to MTV News ahead of last night's episode ("Out, Damned Spot!"), Cody Christian answered some of our burning questions, and now we're more confused than ever.

Is Mike working for "A?"

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Mike Montgomery on PLL

"Like everyone else in Rosewood, I feel like people are starting to realize that Mike is no different," said Christian. "He has secrets. He may have enemies; he may have allies."

Will we see flashbacks to Mona and Mike's relationship?

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Mona and Mike on PLL

"It's definitely not out of the question," he said. "Their relationship was so much bigger than people think. It wasn't a simple boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. They really gave each other something special, so I think as of right now, it's safe to say Mona is not out of the question with Mike."

Why is Mike so angry?

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Mike Montgomery Crying on PLL

"It's not so much anger. In my opinion, it's more of the denial stage," Christian said. "He can't believe that this actually happened. It happened all so suddenly -- the same thing with their relationship. If you think about it, Mike and Mona went zero to 100 really quickly. All of a sudden, what they had just dissipated so fast. It was so unexpected! Nobody could have predicted Mona's death. We thought she was untouchable. I think Mike is in disbelief."

Is Mike helping or hurting Aria?

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Mike Montgomery On '

"There's been so much turmoil between Aria and Mike," he said. "Right now, Mike doesn't know who to trust and that includes his sister. So there's definitely going to be some beef between them in the next few episodes. But I have faith that they're going to work everything out. They're very family-oriented, and at the end of the day, they'll always be there for each other."

Why did Mike visit Ali in prison?

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Ali in Prison on PLL

"You'll definitely know why Mike Montgomery had his name on the visitor log," Christian revealed. "Mike's really starting to expand as a character, so he'll have different scenes with a lot of different characters coming up. That will play out in these last few episodes of the season, and I hope it carries on into season six."

Does he know who "A" is?

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Mike and Aria on PLL

"I was not involved in that conversation!" he said. "It's probably a good thing because I feel like I'd be a sucker. If somebody asked me in a really nice way, I'd tell them, which would land me in a lot of trouble. So like everybody else, I do not know."

Will Mike and Hanna ever become a couple on the TV series?

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Hanna Smiles

Fans of the book series know that Hanna and Mike are OTP -- they even get married in the final "Pretty Little Liars" novel -- but will the show ever explore a relationship between the two? After all, we know Hanna and Mike had a short fling before the events of the TV series. "Honestly, I don't know. The beautiful thing about our show is that we've established these relationships and we've kept them," said Christian.

"If you think about it, most shows cycle through relationships," he added. "There are few shows that will keep a relationship from season one and carry it two, three seasons -- and we have with multiple characters. So the fans have really had an opportunity to grow to love these relationships; they've felt their heartache. I think it would be really difficult to introduce another relationship and expect people to be okay with it. I know there's a lot of Haleb -- I'm trying to learn a new word -- shippers. And I just feel like Mike and Hanna, at this point, I don't think people are ready for it. I don't want to receive death threats, so I'm treading lightly with this subject."

How crazy is the season five finale?

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Mike Montgomery Pretty Little Liars

"In the season finale, more than any of the other seasons, this is where we're going to get the most answers," he said. "And I mean answers. You're going to see how all of these secrets that have been haunting the Liars really catch up to them in this finale. It's a big one. It's pretty crazy. You will never forget this finale, I promise you."

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