Watch 5 Seconds Of Summer Prank Unsuspecting Target Customers By Posing As Employees

From thongs to Target polos, is there anything the guys of 5SOS won't rock?

We already know the guys in 5 Seconds Of Summer have great senses of humor, given their willingness to don multiple pairs of underwear (including thongs)!

But we didn't know how cutely sneaky Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton could be until we watched this prank video where they pose as Target employees. They claimed it was an attempt to boost their self-titled debut album's sales, but the truth is, I doubt they need much help getting this album to fly off the shelves! It seems like they were more interested in just having fun.

Practicing their best "Welcome To Target" spiel on the way to the store, drummer Ashton explained their simple (or so it seemed) mission: "We're going to be pretty much trying to sell our album to middle-aged men."

Covertly rocking the red polo and khaki costume, the guys point customers looking for microwaves to the music department, and toss CDs into unsuspecting customers' carts with glee.

They even greeted folks by explaining the album comes in "four different colors" and just generally used hilarious means to clear the racks of their album. Did they succeed? Well, they may not have increased their middle-aged male fanbase, but they did boost the chuckles and charm. Check out the video below.

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