Sia, Diplo, And Labrinth Made An Album As 'LSD' — And You Can Hear It Very Soon

The self-titled LP floats onto shelves and streaming services on April 12

LSD isn't just a hallucinogenic drug anymore — it's the name of a supergroup made up of British singer Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo. Last November, they released their debut EP, Mountains, so get used to seeing those letters in this new capacity because the group has announced that its self-titled debut LP, originally slated to drop last November, is coming on April 12.

The trio made the announcement yesterday on Twitter with what looks like the album art depicting the trio in outrageous dress. Imagine Mortal Kombat characters at Easter dinner and you'll get the general gist of this. Except instead of sitting at a table, the trio is outside in nature, soaking in the sun. If the previously released singles "Genius," "Audio," "Thunderclouds," and "Mountains" are any indicators, LSD will be as chaotic and enthralling as their outfits are.

LSD will be the first studio project from Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo in some time. Labrinth's last studio effort, Electronic Earth, came out in 2012. Sia's Everyday Is Christmas came out in 2017 and Diplo's Random White Dude Be Everywhere hit streaming services in 2014. We're only a month out from finally seeing what the trio can cook up together.