Ryan Reynolds Just Accepted His Movie Award With A Horde Of Dancing Deadpools

Chimichangas for everyone!

Only at the MTV Movie Awards would a horde of horny, dancing Deadpools storm the stage with Salt-N-Pepa and surprise winner Ryan Reynolds with his Golden Popcorn for Deadpool, a movie that defied expectation and kicked the box office's ass.

The Merc with a Mouth accepted his 2016 MTV Movie Award for Best Comedic Performance after a surprise performance of "Shoop," Salt-N-Pepa's 1994 jam -- and one of Wade Wilson's personal favorite songs -- that featured a choreographed routine from a troop of Deadpools.

Even presenters Zac Efron and Seth Rogen got in on the action.

"For starters, I'm really Amy Schumer didn't win," Reynolds said when he accepted the big award. "That would have been really weird with those dancers." (He's not wrong about that one.)

It didn't take long for Reynolds to get ~ serious ~ about this whole acceptance speech thing. Apparently, making Deadpool wasn't all "unicorns and cocaine." In fact, it took 10 years for Reynolds to get the R-rated superhero flick off the ground. "I thank you the fans for getting this movie made," he said. "You pushed it over the top."

Check out all of the Golden Popcorn winners celebrating:

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