It's Kind Of 'Awkward' For Us To Ask, But Do You Think Eva Is Really Pregnant?

The new student at Palos Hills High claims she's got a bun in the oven, but do we believe her story?

If Lissa is Palos Hills High School's righteous canvasser for truth, you can now officially consider Eva her polar opposite.

On tonight's "Awkward" mid-season finale, the transfer student was busted by makeshift detectives Jenna and Sadie, and her tales of wealth, extravagance and privilege were suddenly reduced to dust. Her name's not even Eva, for crying out loud!

So how did the truth finally come out? After being dismissed from the senior class ski trip for bullying (what else is new?), Sadie resolved to get to the bottom of Eva's odd behavior and inconsistent stories. With the assistance of a fellow food truck employee who had access to police intelligence, the amateur sleuth discovered that Eva -- or, should we say, Amber Horn -- was expelled from school as a nine-year-old and had been homeschooling herself (who knew that was a possibility!) in her grandmother's house ever since. What's worse: She's never even lived in Palos Hills!

With Jenna's help, Sadie found Matty and Eva staying in a stranger's mountain house and demanded Eva tell him the truth. Oddly enough, she did. But she tacked on an extra bit of information: She's pregnant.


Sadie and Jenna were sure Eva was lying -- and that her admission was just a way to keep her hooks in Matty. But on the way back to Palos Hills, Eva took a second pregnancy test in a rest stop bathroom to prove her story, and a positive signed popped up. Jeez, it's definitely hard to argue with that!

+ Whaddya think -- is Eva really pregnant? Sound off, and keep up with MTV News for updates on the second half of Season 4!

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