Is Justin Bieber About To Release A New Song With 2 Chainz?

Biebs in the trap

Four years after hopping on a remix of “Boyfriend,” 2 Chainz might just be linking back up with Justin Bieber.

The rapper posted a photo of the two artists together on Monday (January 2) with a very leading caption: “New music on the way ??? Take JB to the trap ???”

Thanks to his take on “Boyfriend,” we kind of know what 2 Chainz and Bieber sound like together. But that was a different Biebs from a more innocent time, long before he was walking around with a face tattoo and a bleach job. Purpose brought Justin into a new era. Could the next chapter of his musical career have some trap beats behind it?

Only time will tell, but we're taking 2 Chainz's Instagram post as a serious hint.

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