Adorable Girl Wants To Sell Her Brother To The Pet Store, Brother's Cool With It

? Brother for sale, only 50 cents ?

In 1993, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen famously tried to sell their older brother for 50 cents in "My First Video." No one was willing to make this huge investment, so they eventually lowered the price to 25 cents, then 10 cents. There was an entire song about this:

Now over a decade later, a young girl named Rachel is channeling MK&A's entrepreneurial spirit by selling her brother to the pet store (LOL). She probably understands there's been a lot of inflation since 1993, so she decides $1 is a sufficient asking price for her sibling.

YouTube user berge95 captured the priceless moment in a video from March. Its message is one that Rachel's brother will probably remember for the rest of his life.

Unlike the Olsens, Rachel raises her price as the vid goes on. She first says $2 or $3 is more appropriate, but then jumps it all the way to $54 -- not one dollar more or less -- by the end. If the sale is successful, she says, she'll use the money to buy a toy owl and maybe later buy him back from the pet store when he goes on sale.

"We're going to get you back, don't worry," Rachel assures her brother, who then quickly agrees that he is completely OK with being sold to the pet store. ?

H/T Pixable