Azealia Banks Is A Secret Directioner

They should definitely collaborate.

We knew Azealia Banks had pretty diverse musical tastes -- she teamed up with Ariel Pink on the song "Nude Beach A-Go-Go," which appears on both their records -- but we couldn't have guessed this.

Apparently, the "Ice Princess" herself is into... Wait for it...boy bands. Yup, we're kind of shocked as well.

Banks had an impromptu fan flare-up on Twitter Thursday (November 20), when she tweeted randomly, "I'm actually blasting One Direction right now." You do you, lady. We're guessing she's jamming to the recently released FOUR, but that might just be in our fevered fantasies.

The musician then asked her fans to share their favorite boy bands -- to which they answered everything from 5SOS to Metallica -- then did some heavy MTV-centric reminiscing.

Mmm-hmmm, Banks knows her calculus: U + Me = Us. Remember that 2gether hit? We sure do. Let's all reminisce along with her, shall we, by looking at this GIF.


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