Billie Joe Armstrong Basically Plays Himself But Nerdier In 'Ordinary World' Trailer

The Green Day singer stars in a comedy that hits a little too close to home

Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day has certainly lived out many a rock and roll fantasy since his band took off in the '90s, and he's definitely mining that experience for his biggest silver screen endeavor yet.

The trailer has dropped for Ordinary World, a coming-of-middle-age comedy that stars Armstrong as Perry, a musician who's giving up on the big dream to live a normal life, family, 9-5 job and all. In an effort to break up the tedium of his boring existence, he heads into the city and rents a hotel room to celebrate his 40th birthday (which his wife, um, forgot) in a way that rekindles memories of his stage-diving days.

Ordinary World boasts a star-studded cast, including Selma Blair as Perry's wife, Judy Greer as the recipient of a lucky serenade, and Fred Armisen as a like-minded music fiend and terrible influence on Perry's big 4-0. TVs are thrown, sort of. Guitars are smashed. Beers are toootally put down on tables without coasters. It's just as awkward as awesome as you'd expect in a movie about a guy who's stuck in a rut and refuses to be lame anymore.

If the trailer is any indication, Ordinary World manages to mix the best — and worst – of Perry's past and current lives together for a flick that hardly looks, well, ordinary. Catch Ordinary World in theaters and on demand and Blu-Ray October 14, and check out Green Day's latest track, "Revolution Radio," here.

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