'Teen Mom 2' Lessons: 6 Times Kailyn And Jo Explained Life To Isaac

The little one has had quite a few heart-to-hearts with his parents

Teen Mom 2 has taught us a lot of valuable parenting lessons. In regards to Kailyn and Jo, for example, we’ve learned that if you have a little boy as inquisitive and curious as Isaac, you need to come up with a lot of answers, stat! Case in point? On this week’s installment, Kailyn was talking to her three sons in the car about how she had met someone who had six boys before having a daughter. When Isaac asked his mom, “What if you’re having a girl right now?” she told him that a few things needed to, well, happen before a baby is born.

“It doesn’t work that way, bud. To have a baby have to, um. You have to do certain things to have a baby,” she said. Of course, the boy’s next question was “like what?” to which Kail said under her breath, “I’m going to put music back on now.”

But this is hardly the first time we’ve seen Kailyn or her ex Jo teach their kiddo some valuable life lessons. From stepfamily dynamics to marriage and breakups, here are the other standout convos the parents have had with their son over the years. View the clips below, and keep watching Teen Mom 2 Mondays at 9/8c!

When Kail taught Isaac how marriage works


When Kailyn brought up Lincoln’s soon-to-be new half-brother around Isaac earlier this season, Isaac was a bit confused as to why the baby would be Linc’s family but not his. From there, Kailyn explained how stepfamilies work and cleared up Isaac’s misconception that “girls and boys only marry once.” “That’s the plan, but sometimes it doesn’t always go that way,” she told her sons. “But Javi and I aren’t together anymore, so I can get married if I want.”

When Jo taught Isaac about separation

During Season 7, Isaac was upset to see a fight transpire between his mom and his step-dad when they were separating, and was even more upset when he learned he couldn’t go stay with Javi like Lincoln would. Jo stepped in to assure his son he’d be able to visit Javi but wanted to make sure the boy understood that Javi would be moving out. “Do you understand that Javi’s not going to stay with you anymore?” he asked. “He’s not going to be living with you right now, but you’re still going to see him, okay? I promise.”

When Kail told Isaac to always show respect

Earlier that season, Jo and Kailyn got into an argument after she found out he was sending Isaac to school looking messy and disheveled. Things escalated when she went to pick Isaac up, and the boy could read that his parents were yelling at each other and calling each other names. Later, Kail broke down the fight with her son to make sure he knew that what he witnessed was not appropriate. “Sometimes when adults get angry, they say things that they don’t mean when they’re tired and cranky,” she said. “I don’t want you to talk to people the way that daddy talked to me.”

When Kail taught Isaac about deployment

Javi’s deployment in Season 7 was rough on the entire family, but Isaac had an especially difficult time adjusting. Kailyn attempted to make it easier by reading her sons a bedtime story one night about a daddy being away and also made sure they knew that Javi was okay while there. “He went away to go to work for a little while. He’ll be back when he’s done working,” she reassured him. “He’s safe over there where he’s at. He’s in a safe place.”

When Kail taught Isaac about the importance of school

Kail always emphasized to her kids the importance of education, and in Season 6, she even let Isaac help read off her report card so he could see how well his mama was doing in college. “I think you’re smart,” the cutie told Kail. This led to a conversation about what Isaac wanted to be when he grew up (he had big dreams to be a “brain doctor,” by the way -- and we have no doubt he’ll do it).

When Kail showed Isaac some happy tears

And how could we forget one of Kailyn and Isaac’s most adorable conversations of all? Just before Isaac walked his mama down the aisle to meet her groom Javi in Season 5, the mother/son duo had a brief yet poignant heart-to-heart during which Isaac learned that crying doesn’t always mean you’re sad. “What happened to your eyes?” the dapper boy asked. “You’re making me so happy!” the emotional bride responded to her mini-me. Too. Cute.