'Star Trek' Experts: Does 'Darkness' Synopsis Reveal The Villain?

Experts plunge 'Into Darkness' to figure out who the 'Star Trek' sequel villain really is.

James T. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise set forth on their second J.J. Abrams-directed adventure in next summer's "Star Trek Into Darkness," and just like its title, the movie is surrounded in secrecy -- though the secrets are starting to come out.

It's long been known that "Sherlock" and "The Hobbit" actor [article id="1677356"]Benedict Cumberbatch plays the film's villain[/article]. What's not known is the identity of the villain he's playing. But that mystery might be solved by the "Star Trek" sequel's just-released synopsis, which describes Kirk's new nemesis as "a one man weapon of mass destruction" -- a description that fits well with classic "Trek" villain Gary Mitchell.

"There are certainly a few hints pointing in Gary Mitchell's direction," observes "Star Trek" expert and columnist Jordan Hoffman. "'A one man weapon of mass destruction' -- in the original series episode 'Where No Man Has Gone Before,' Mitchell acquires Godlike powers upon reaching the Galactic Barrier. He also grows chaotic and selfish, though it's implied there's a Jekyll/Hyde thing at play."

Hoffman says there are other Cumberbatch-Mitchell connections that can be made from the "Into Darkness" synopsis: the film's threat comes "from within their own organization," and Mitchell was a Starfleet officer; the "personal score to settle" could refer to the fact that Kirk and Mitchell were old friends from their Academy days in the original "Star Trek" timeline. It sounds like the mystery is all but solved, doesn't it?

"The notion of an enemy internal to the Federation and the whole 'one man weapon of mass destruction' has definitely given Team Mitchell a boost," admits Anthony Pascale, founder of But he doesn't consider the issue resolved just yet.

"If you read the hundreds of comments on our site, you can see that the synopsis 'proves' everyone's pet theory, be it Khan or Gary Mitchell or even Garth of Izar and others," he says.

You hear that, Borg fans? There's still hope! Resistance isn't futile!

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