Ever Wondered What Ken Dolls Would Look Like With Dadbod? You’re In Luck

We're also loving Hipster Ken.

After 57 years, the most iconic doll of all time, Barbie, got a well-received makeover to appeal to a new generation. Now offering petite, tall and curvy sizes in addition to the original, Barbie now "more closely [reflects her] young owners’ world," according to Mattel.

"But what about Ken?" asked quite a few men on Twitter, jumping to the question before news of the new Barbies died down even a ~little~ bit.

Luckily for them, someone has answered their prayers.

Clothing retailer Lyst enlisted graphic artist Jamie Phillips to redesign Barbie's Ken to more accurately reflect the kind of men that live in our world, and they look great.

Featuring "Beach DadBod Ken, Bearded Hipster Ken, and Balding Ken," along with black, Asian and petite Kens (in Lyst-provided clothing, of course), Lyst shows what the future of the Ken doll might look like.

"Men need plastic role models too," Lyst's editorial director Katherine Ormerod told Mashable. "Ken has been a top menswear influencer for over 50 years, but like Barbie, he needs a makeover every now and again."

Take a look at all 6 realistic Kens below.

H/T Cosmopolitan

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