Would You Get Married At A Music Festival?

Photographer Joe Gall captured this pair of newlyweds at Bonnaroo.

MANCHESTER, Tennessee — You see a lot of crazy stuff at festivals, but have you ever seen someone get MARRIED at one? As in, two people joining together to be wed for (presumably) the rest of their lives. As in, two people choosing to celebrate one of the biggest moments of their lives at a festival. Well, it happened. And Detroit-based photographer Joe Gall was there to capture it all.

Courtesy of Joe Gall


After seeing one of his photos on Instagram, MTV News got in contact with Gall about the Bonnaroo wedding. "I had just finished photographing the extended Bassnectar set, and as I was passing by the Mushroom Fountain, I noticed a couple just glowing in happiness—a newly wed bride and groom that had just tied the knot during Loren's Bonnaroo set." Gall said. "I knew I had to capture their moment, so after a brief introduction, I had them in front of my camera in the fountain. I fired off a few in-the-moment photos and requested a kiss [shot], and the rest is Bonnaroo history."

Courtesy of Joe Gall

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Late at night (Bassnectar's set didn't end until 2:15 a.m.) and under the glow of Bonnaroo's main fountain, these two exchanged vows and gave Gall, who has been a professional action sports photographer for 10 years, a really unique photo moment. "Their happiness and free spirited style was a perfect fit for something like Bonnaroo," Gall explained, "and I wish them all the luck in the universe."

Joe Gall


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