Justin Bieber Gets Help Promoting 'Never Say Never' From Pauly D, Kardashians

Celebs shoot promos for Bieber's 3-D movie, out next week.

In case you haven't heard, [artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist] has a new movie to promote. He's set to release his 3-D documentary concert film [article id="1656935"]"Never Say Never"[/article] next week. So, he's wrangled up some of his celebrity pals to help him promote his glossy, Jon Chu-directed film.

Kim and Khloé Kardashian appear in one of the promos, saying that the film is the best way to spend Valentine's Day weekend. "We decided that for the weekend leading up to Valentine's Day, us girls, we gotta stick together," Khloé says in the ad.

"And we want you to do what we're gonna do, and that's have a big girls' night out and see Justin Bieber in 'Never Say Never,' " Kim adds in the piece. "You never know who might show up."

Bieber then joins the girls saying, "You ladies ready to go?"

In the Pauly D promo, the "Jersey Shore" star makes this appeal to the camera: "I haven't been able to sleep. These thoughts keep running through my mind, that voice, that talent. This guy would kill it at the Shore," he says. "My hair won't even stand up anymore and I can't stop buying purple pants. I think I've got Bieber Fever. I've got to see this movie."

For his promo, the Situation shares with the world his "Guide To Pimpin'." "How are you doing today class? I'm here to tell about pimpin'. Justin Bieber's movie plus Valentine's Day, what does that equal to? Situation zone."

So, where is that? "It's in the back of the movie theater."

"And that, boys and girls, is a situation," Bieber notes. "You just graduated."

"It's gonna be OK, Pauly," Bieber intervenes. "Think of me as your wingman."

Other reported "Never Say Never" promos will feature Diddy, Jay Leno, "Dancing With the Stars" alum Julianne Hough and Angelina Jolie, who took a picture next to the teen star in his purple 3-D glasses.

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