Catelynn Lowell Leaves Treatment Facility And Is 'Feeling Better Than Ever'

The 'Teen Mom OG' cast member sought help for mental health issues

Catelynn Lowell has completed her time at a treatment facility after more than a month away from her loved ones -- and post-release, the Teen Mom OG shared a brief update after departing the Arizona-based center.

"Well I'm out and feeling better than ever," the 24-year-old tweeted over the weekend. "Thanks so much @sierratucson."

The young mother announced in mid-March that she would be “seeking help for myself and my family" -- and added she would be treated for mental health issues and not drug use.

Before Catelynn reunited with her husband Tyler and their daughter Novalee, the young dad shared his excitement to be back with his longtime partner.

"The view from my backyard in Arizona is AWESOME!" Ty added along with the video above. "Chillin in the pool until Tootie gets up from her nap. Picking up my wife tonight from treatment. Taking today to just kick back & reflect. Can't wait to squeeze @catelynnmtv #Relaxing #DadBreak."

Please offer your well wishes for Catelynn, Tyler and Novalee in the comments. And if you or someone you know is struggling with depression, or just wants someone to talk to, there are people who can help. Head to for information and resources.

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