This Guy Went As Tinder For Halloween And It's The Most Clever Costume Ever

You'll definitely want to swipe right.

As we all live in the age of the internet, a lot of people took their costume inspiration from the digital world: Folks dressed as emojis, Katy Perry was a mic drop and more than a few people decided to be dating apps, like Matt Borgelt who dressed up as Tinder.

His costume included unsavory romantic options that you could actually left swipe (sorry, Carrot Top). Once you reached the last option, Borgelt himself, if you swiped right, you got a surprise in the form of a spring loaded match message, just like in the app.

Since he uploaded his ode to Tinder on Imgur, it's been viewed more than 2,000,000 times -- in 10 hours.

This isn't the first time Borgelt has gotten attention for a smart creation of his -- a few years ago he created a Nintendo coffee table that looked strikingly like a real console was enlarged right in his living room. Here's hoping he does something awesome for Christmas, too. ? ➡️ ❤️

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