Rapper Cassidy's Fellow Passenger Relays Horror Of Car Accident

'I picked him up, there was no life, no movement in his body,' A&R rep says.

According to a representative from his label, Cassidy's condition has been upgraded from critical to stable, although he is still heavily sedated.

The Philadelphia rapper was badly hurt in a severe car accident around midnight Thursday morning, when he was traveling with three friends from New Jersey to Yonkers, New York, to continue recording his next album (see [article id="1542435"]"Rapper Cassidy In Critical Condition After Car Accident"[/article]). Today, one of the passengers -- Grady Spivey, Cassidy's A&R representative -- told the tale of the near tragedy.

"We were on our way to pick up the producer Neo 'The Matrix,' listening to Cassidy music -- he was freestyling, we were having a good time," Spivey said. "We were on Manhattan Avenue in Jersey City, and there comes a truck. I'm talking to Cassidy and we hear the driver say, 'Oh sh--, a truck!'

"It wasn't a U-Haul truck [as reported]," he noted. "It was a commercial truck, the size of a large U-Haul truck. This truck runs the red light, out of nowhere crosses the intersection outta control and crashes into the left side of our SUV vehicle, hitting from the back of the driver on down. Cassidy was seated directly behind the driver, so he got the full blunt-force impact."

In the wake of the accident, Spivey observed that most everyone in the car was shaken up, but not badly hurt. When he turned to look at Cassidy, he saw that the MC was not in his seat. He was horrified to find that Cass was actually propelled from the left side of the second row of seats to the right side of the third row.

"That's why he has a fractured skull and broken bones in his face -- he was thrown from his seat," Spivey said. "I was bleeding all over myself. I jumped out the car and saw him laying there. I picked him up, there was no life, no movement in his body. I put him on the seat and immediately called 911. I was feeling panic, feeling nervous, but I'm a spiritual man and God put calm over my body."

When the police arrived, Spivey was clutching Cassidy, trying to keep him alive. "He started choking on his blood and vomit and I turned him on his side so he wouldn't choke," he said. "Fortunately enough, he is living. God allowed all four of us to live."

Spivey also wanted to clear up rumors that there were any drugs or alcohol in the SUV carrying Cassidy: He says there were none. In fact, he said that Cassidy was on a straight-and-narrow path before the accident -- that spending time in jail earlier this year helped change his friend.

"He's no angel, but since he's been out of prison, he's been living the life of a God-fearing man and fully trying to live that lifestyle out," Spivey explained (see [article id="1504319"]"Cassidy Released From Jail After Serving Eight Months"[/article]). "He's been focused with his family, his son, his fiancee. He's not even out there like that. He's been in the studio working, trying to finish out this album."

Spivey says Cassidy has nearly completed the LP. "This album was showing his growth and development, showing creativity," he said. "The majority was done on his own. Swizz Beatz and myself didn't even have that much influence on this album like we did on previous albums. He was taking it to his next level, telling about all his life's experience from the prison -- being a 24-year-old man locked up with murderers and having everything stripped away -- to finding God.

"It's gonna be an album that people would love to hear," he continued, looking ahead to the future. "He's not on his punch lines as much, but he's still witty and clever. He's developing into that next artist. He has collaborations, everything is real clever from John Legend to Krayzie Bone to Eve. There's a couple of other surprises on there. He dug real deep and gave more of himself."

Yesterday, Cassidy underwent a CAT scan and doctors found no problems with his brain activity, according to his label. They also said his injuries were not life-threatening.

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