Miley Cyrus Goes Topless, Dismembers A Teddy Bear And So Much More In This Tights Commercial

A few weeks ago, it became clear that Miley Cyrus and Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele were working on something together, but *what* that could be was unclear. Well, based on an Instagram from Carlyne, they joined forces yet again for a commercial for Golden Lady, a tights company. Miley is serving as the face—er, legs, I guess—of Golden Lady's new line of seamless tights. And man, the commercial is so Miley. Like, she's just bein' Miley, but x 8950938.

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The ad, which Carlyne shared on her Instagram, was shot by Terry Richardson and features a number of Miley trademarks, including a gold car, a teddy bear, no shirts, and her tongue.

The tights, it seems, are perfect for standing on top of cars, destroying teddy bears, and dancing. They also go perfectly with balloons as shirts, so basically, they're perfect for all occasions.

Golden Lady

Miley Cyrus

The campaign image on Golden Lady's site features no tights but so, so, so much bling. She needs tights because she's cold from all this ice, y'know?

It's unclear if we can expect anything more from this collab, but, either way, this video will fill the Miley-sized hole that's in our heart now that the Bangerz Tour is over. Thanks, Golden Lady!