Is 'Catfish' Legend Dee Pimpin Still Reeling In The Ladies With Her Bow Wow Impersonation?

Catch up with the online liar and the show's most memorable characters tomorrow night at 10/9c!

If a single weekly serving of "Catfish" isn't quite enough to satisfy you, we're happy to report that tomorrow, you'll be treated to an entire buffet.

On the next (and very special) episode, Max Joseph will make a solo trip around the country to check in with the show's most memorable characters -- love hopefuls and catfish alike. Some have left a legacy of aggression on the show and others will be forever remembered for their calculated deceit, but when it comes to Dee Pimpin, there's one thing that immediately comes to mind for Max: that infamous lambskin dildo.

Dee, a rapper who admitted during Season 2 that she lured girls into her bedroom by posing online as hip-hop star Bow Wow, made her mark when she revealed that her preferred sex toy was so convincing in the bedroom, some girls never even knew she was female. And in the "Catfish: Where Are They Now?" sneak peek, above, Max and the "Catfish" production team wonder if she's still up to her old tricks as they get ready for a reunion with the especially persuasive poser.

"She, essentially, was outed on the show -- I wonder if that kind of hurt her game," John, a show producer, wonders of the smooth operator in the clip.

"Probably, yes," Max answers honestly.

Think Dee's had trouble finding dates since she appeared on the show? Is she still scheming online? Check out the sneak peek for a brief glimpse into the episode, and be sure to tune in to "Catfish: Where Are They Now?" tomorrow night at 10/9c!

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