Tom Cruise Runs From Aliens In Sneak Peek At 'War Of The Worlds'

Remake, directed by Steven Spielberg, expected in theaters June 29.

As the title might indicate, the alien visitors in the upcoming "War of the Worlds" remake do not come in peace. In fact, based on the first image released from the Steven Spielberg-directed film, they have some dark intentions for the human race.

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Spielberg and "War of the Worlds" star Tom Cruise are still shooting the film, and it won't hit theaters until June, but filmmakers unveiled a first glimpse of what lies ahead this week. In the shot -- the first official look at Spielberg's take on the sci-fi classic -- a battered and tattered Cruise shields his daughter, young Dakota Fanning ("The Cat in the Hat," "Uptown Girls") as the two seek refuge with others in a tunnel.

Paramount Pictures, which released the image, is keeping mum about the details of the film but did note that it will focus on a family man (Cruise) trying to keep his loved ones safe as alien invaders attempt to claim Earth as their own. The studio also noted that the film would draw chiefly from the themes of H.G. Wells' original 1898 sci-fi lit masterpiece, "War of the Worlds," instead of the numerous works it has inspired (1953's "War of the Worlds," 1996's "Independence Day" and 2002's "Signs" as well as television's "V" and "War of the Worlds: The Series," to name just a few).

"War of the Worlds" is expected to hit theaters on June 29.

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