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This Guy Fixed His Terrible Pokémon Tattoo – And Now It’s The Best One Ever

It's pika-perfection!

Tattoos are forever -- and so is a love of Pokémon. But when one man tried to combine these things, the results were less than pika-ture perfect:

Lindsay Baker/Imgur

pokemon 1

That's why he visited Night Owl Tattoo's Lindsay Baker in Northampton, Massachusetts. Lindsay told Buzzfeed that this client, whom she'd worked with before, had had the tattoo for nearly four years. "It was his first tattoo and apparently the girl who did it had been drinking," she said.

Apparently, Lindsay and her client had a similar idea to make the tattoo a little more meta. "I got excited and suggested we tattoo Pikachu drawing himself and my client told me he had the same idea," she said. Thus, two hours later, this was born:

Lindsay Baker/Imgur


Here's the before and after:

Lindsay Baker/Imgur


"He was so excited with the finished product," Lindsay said. We love a happy ending.

yay pokemon