11 Reasons Polaroid Is Making a Comeback

Time to make it snappy.

By Alina Bradford

When we heard that Polaroid is coming out with a digital camera that prints photos, we have to admit, we got a little giddy. Any kid born in the '80s or '90s kinda has a soft spot for Polaroid, and is awaiting its domination of photography once again. Here are 11 reasons why we think the company is primed for another moment in the sun with its new camera, the SNAP.

Girl Power!



Kids say the darnedest things, and in this case, one precocious little girl started a photo revolution. According to Polaroid, it all started in 1943 when Edwin H. Land, founder of Polaroid, went on vacation with his family. Land took a photo with some old camera and his 3-year-old daughter asked why she couldn’t see the picture when he took it out of the camera. Inspiration struck and the instant camera was born! Back in the 80s and 90s, when being a woman in the workplace was super hard, Polaroid was voted one of the best places for women to work by Working Mother magazine many, many times. A company that recognized the worth of women early on deserves a second chance at domination.

They Were the First on the Scene



Polaroid was the first company to produce a camera that could make instant photos. The SX-70 Land camera was the first fully-automatic, motorized, folding camera that could spit out instant color prints. It hit the streets in 1972, and by 1973, the company was spitting out a mad 5,000 units a day. First on the scene, always the king, in our books.

The Muppets Love Polaroid

In the 1980s, every kid loved the Muppets, so imagine the crazy, sugar-fueled delight of kids everywhere when they started showing up in Polaroid TV commercials. Should you rely on the recommendation of a talking piece of Styrofoam and felt when purchasing your next camera? Umm, why the hell wouldn’t you?

We Want to Hold Something, Damnit!



Digital cameras are great, don’t get me wrong. You can take photos over and over until you get one that doesn’t make you look like an over-fed wombat without wasting film and you can share them online instantly. Awesome. Somehow, though, those images don’t seem as important as ones that you can hold in your hand. It’s time to put photos back in people’s hands and on their fridge.

Remember Those Dusty Old Shoeboxes?



How often do you actually go back and look at all those digital photos? I’m guessing hardly ever. Remember as a kid, pulling out your mom or grandma’s dusty old shoebox of photos and spending a lazy afternoon looking at slightly yellowed Polaroid pictures of your folks in diapers or covered in their first ice cream? Clicking though galleries on a hard drive just doesn’t ground you emotionally like spreading old photos on the floor and laughing at them with your siblings. We need a little more of that.

Shaking it was Awesome!

Shake it like a Polaroid picture! The magic of shaking a Polaroid and watching the photo appear was a treat that couldn’t be beat back in the day. The new SNAP camera’s photos won’t need shaking, but it has its own brand of magic. It can print the images without ink! Pretty cool.

Polaroid Just Won’t Go Away!


Polaroid Snap

Back in the mid-'00s, there were rumors that Polaroid had gone out of business. They may have been quiet, but they were never out. In 2008, the little camera company that could came out with The Polaroid PoGo Instant Mobile Printer and partnered with ZINK, who came up with the inkless technology of the SNAP. 2011, 2012 and 2014 also brought new cameras.

Being Fast Doesn’t Mean Being Fugly


Warm Bodies

The big drawback with Polaroids was that you couldn’t filter your images. The company has fixed that. Its latest creation allows you to pick an old-timey filter that makes your skin look fab.

You’re No Longer Stuck with Just One



Another problem with the old Polaroid cameras is that you had one copy of a photo and couldn’t share. The SNAP features a Micro SD card slot that holds up to 32GB. You can transfer and upload images to Facebook, your Instagram account or Snapchat.

You Can Pic While You Print



Probably the biggest problem with older Polaroid cameras is that you had to wait for the photo to print before you could take another shot. What if something important happened that you needed to shoot ASAP??? The struggle was real. The SNAP prints in under a minute, but you don’t need to wait. You can keep shooting while it prints.

Sometimes Going Back to Basics is Awesome



Previous cameras by the Polaroid company tried to be everything at once. SNAP’s predecessor, the Polaroid Z2300, had all of the features you would see on a digital camera, and it also printed pictures. With this camera, Polaroid says that it is trying to go back to its roots and the simplicity of instant photography. “Sharing, instant photography, and the idea of one snap, one print, are concepts that Polaroid developed over 75 years ago and that have long been engrained in the brand’s identity,” said Scott W. Hardy, President and CEO of Polaroid. Sometimes all of the bells and whistles get in the way of having fun. I think by paring down to the essentials, Polaroid has found fun again.